Secure Attachment Made Simple

I enjoy helping you master your Attachment Style. I know it can be frustrating, disappointing, and even scary to experience yourself as overly Anxious or Avoidant in relationships when all you really want is peace. Many people see they have been both of those things over their relationship history, and they wonder why they show up differently or get such different results in different situations.

Questions like...

How is it that I get along great with friends but experience disconnection when dating?
How do I calm down? 
How have I created a flourishing work life but my relational life is so dry?
How do I get close? 

...are common with clients I work with. 

I am going to help you clearly understand where your patterns came from, and how to grab hold of it to apply the solutions in a practical and meaningful way. If you stick with the program, you are going to experience yourself in a way that energizes you, inspires you and those around you, putting you in touch with your power to direct your life and relax in love. Confidently relating. Expressive and honest. Kindly assertive. Great on your own and great with others.

Securely attached.

This is for all races, all nationalities, all gender identifications, all sexual orientations, and (almost all*) ages. This is a human issue and the things that bring us deep joy and calm seem to be, at the core, the same for everyone. Love. Respect. Understanding. Appreciation. Fortunately this allows me to serve clients all over the world with consistent protocol and outcomes, but *I require you are over the age of 25.

12 Session Package

We're going to partner together on this. In the beginning, it's all about the foundation. I need you stabilized. You're about to take up a task that requires a lot of your resources. Your time, energy, attention, money is invested in getting you to a better life. The results are great but the process can be taxing at times. We need to make sure you are ready to take on the weight of the issues... and the weight of the reward!

Then, we can really process through some of that old childhood stuff. You might be tired of talking about it; or, if you have never talked about it before, you probably aren't "looking forward" to it. I want you to know that we do not have to relive all the past hurts and traumas. I coach you through understanding and applying the principles of healthy trauma resolution, so you don't actually have to revisit all the details of every incident with me. We are going to make space for some things that are new for you to explore, but we are not going to stay there. 

As you share with me and I ask you questions to help me get a better idea of who you are and what you've been dealing with, I am able to paint your bigger picture for you. This is comprised of your hopes and fears, your subconscious beliefs and triggers, your needs and desires, your history and future. Most of us are not taught how to make sense out of these things, and even those with some experience can lose perspective when experiencing heightened stress, discomfort, or fear. 

I coach you to remove these blocks and replace them with Secure Solutions. You will finish your work with me knowing you have the skills and tools to manage emotional crises, now often before they become a crisis at all.

Package Pricing 

$1,620 in one payment or $1,800 split in four payments

80 min intro call with 60 minute sessions following 

Consultations are free, 20 mins via phone (no video)
Outside of the U.S. meets via Zoom Audio. The link is in your Confirmation email.


One Call, No Commitment, No Wait

A la carte style. Book me with this link without buying a package.

You select if you would like the session to be completed via phone or Zoom when you book. Neither is necessarily "better" than the other, please select the option you prefer!

If Zoom is selected, please use the link in the appointment confirmation.

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