I believe you can move forward.

Welcome! I am a therapist and health coach working with individuals who are ready to shift out of negative relationship cycles.

My clients are often very warm, kind, and genuinely want healthy relationships, but find themselves consistently with people who are dismissive, emotionally unavailable, manipulative, inconsistent, immature, or a combination of these types of qualities.

The people I work with want to achieve long-term partnership… but not with just anyone!

You want someone who is emotionally mature, stable, consistent, self-aware, honest, confident, and has the ability and desire to have emotional intimacy with you.

My clients want to attract the best so they are also have a strong desire to improve their own self-image.


1-on-1 calls are completed over Zoom or on the phone, depending on your preference.

This is for individuals ready to explore, target, and solve specific problem areas in order to build a better life.

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The Reattach Group is completed over Zoom and is limited to 10 people per group.

You will learn and practice managing your attachment style and how to shift to secure attachment for yourself and to sustain healthy relationships.

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I was over it.

Fed up with my own unhealthy relationships. I was tired of feeling anxious, depressed, and powerless. I identified with codependency and  both anxious and avoidant attachment patterns. Through a lot of work in therapy outside of the therapy room, I dealt with the fact that I was operating my life from a place of fear.

I was afraid of being myself, afraid of being rejected, afraid of going after what I wanted, and afraid of expressing any of my needs.

I was persistent and determined to live and love differently...
And it worked!

I found confidence and extraordinary love for myself, a strong sense of security in relationships, and I discovered my power to move forward. I broke through the threshold.

Now I help others get their own best results!


Have you been in toxic relationships yourself?

Sure have. Several. I had my own negative patterns and acted out of past trauma. I deeply and personally understand toxic relationship patterns, especially with dismissive-avoidant types and those who display narcissistic traits. Even more importantly, I understand why I got into those relationships. I identified and worked incredibly hard to uproot the  problematic things in my own heart, mind, and spirit, so I could avoid these pitfalls.

Of course I went to graduate school for psychotherapy, have 6 years of experience practicing, and am a certified health coach, personal trainer, and licensed therapist. Even with all of the credentials, the experience of living through and recovering from these relationships gives me a perspective and compassion for my clients that books or classes could never deliver.

How do I know this is going to work?

As you're reading through this page and checking out my Instagram (@iamtaylorchandler), ask yourself if I'm speaking the language that matches  what you've been going through. Does this feel like your truth, or does it sound like you're reading about someone else's problem and you can't relate?

I also welcome and encourage you to hear from some of my past clients on my podcast Boundaries and Grace on Apple and Spotify.

If you have been aligning with what you've been reading and hearing, that's a good sign that you're on the right track.

What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching focuses on the span between where you are now and your ideal future, while therapy focuses on past to now.

This doesn't mean you never talk about the past with a coach or that you never talk about your future with your therapist! It simply means coaches are more about what to do next and therapists are likely going to help with  what happened before. Coaches are also generally more directive, while therapists are generally more explorative.

I'm a licensed therapist and a certified coach, so we will look at your individual needs, your present circumstance, and with that we develop a plan to set you up for success.

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