Reattach Group Coaching FAQ

Why is Group a good idea? 

You get a lot of information and practical ways to apply it in a structured way. You get a 60-page guide to go along with the material we discuss, we meet at the same time and on the same day of the week each week, and you see the same faces each time.

You get to connect with others who have very similar experiences and pattern. The support of working with others through these tough challenges often makes the process more enjoyable. There's healing in knowing and being with others who can say, "I get it," in those areas you've felt so alone.

It's also a lot less costly than 1-on-1s.

What will we talk about?

First, you'll get a good understanding of all of the types of attachment styles and where you fall on the spectrum (some are surprised to be a mix of 2 styles, but it's totally normal!). Then, you will get clear on how your parents' style affects how you show up in relationships. After that, you will learn how to identify and express your emotional needs, how to manage your triggers, and how to ground yourself in security as you move forward as an individual, in your relationship, or in the pursuit of healthy ones.

Is it a class?

Not necessarily. Of course it is helpful to take notes throughout, and that can feel like "class." You are learning after all! But the most important thing is having true understanding and practical application of these tools and skills of secure attachment. You will be participating verbally and with worksheets both in big group (max 10 people) and in small breakouts with one or two other people.

How much is it?

$200 total for all 6 sessions. Each session is 2 hours and runs for 6 consecutive weeks. This is 20% of the cost of doing the 12-session 1-on-1 package for the same amount of time (both a total of 12 hours).

The payment must be made in one payment and is collected via Square.

Do I have to attend all 6 groups?

I ask that all group members commit to all 6 sessions. Of course, things do come up and there may be a time you won't be able to attend a group or you may have to leave early. In those cases, there is no "penalty," (i.e. you won't be kicked out of group), but you will miss valuable information. I recommend not committing to group until you can commit to doing all 6 sessions for the entirety of the session time.

If I miss group, can I be sent a recording?

No, I do not record any group sessions (neither audio nor visual) for confidentiality purposes. There is no audio or video recording of group permitted at any time by any group members.

Will there be homework?

Yes! Along with the 6 group sessions, you also receive a 60-page PDF guide. In that guide there will  be work to complete before the session. This is to help reinforce the information so that it really sticks. I always encourage group members to set aside time during the week to complete and reflect on the homework to get the most out of the program.

Should I do Group or 1-on-1s?

If you have never been to therapy before and you know you have unresolved past trauma, 1-on-1s are a better place to start because you will likely need more time, attention, and energy directed at those issues than you would be able to get in Group.

If you have already chipped away at some (or much) of those past traumas, Group is a great place to get more specific about how to now move forward.

I have had clients do Group and 1-on-1s simultaneously, I’ve had clients do Group first and use that as a springboard to get deeper and more specific in 1-on-1s, and I’ve had clients do 1-on-1s first to get some of the stumbling blocks out of the way and then go into group. I’ll be able to advise you best in your Reattach consult call if you’re having difficulty in deciding on your best strategy. You can schedule towards the bottom of this page.

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I recommend listening to episodes on my podcast - Boundaries and Grace - where past group members share about their experience in REATTACH and the effect it has had on their lives.
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