Time for Us to Meet
at the ReAttach Retreat!

I want 2023 to be the most relaxed, most balanced, most productive, most love-filled year of your life; And I want to help you learn the emotional structure and strategy you need to make each year after that better.

The Reattach Retreat is for up to 25 women to come together, unpack, re-wire, and move forward. 

The Purpose

The purpose of the ReAttach Retreat is to be with like-minded women, who care about what you care about. I want you to enjoy a safe and healing space, where you can relate, support, and receive.

Depending on where you are in your life experience and where you will find yourself in our conversations and exercises, different parts of you will likely show up in the room.

Sometimes you will be the receiver, sometimes you will be the supporter, sometimes you will be the observer, sometimes you will be more active.

The point is not to gather a bunch of women who are exactly the same in the exact same place, but instead to gather women who are intentional about their growth and development personally and relationally.

I believe that through understanding Attachment, you understand yourself and the world around you much better, so I’ll be teaching during some planned Groups. But you will also be learning through conversations and connecting that I have found so many people want, but rarely or never get to have.

Over the last two years of leading my private practice, I have helped people literally change their lives. More important than my competence, I have become highly confident in my gifts to bring healing and Secure Attachment to life. I have enjoyed creating these opportunities online and now I am bringing Reattach in-person.


ReAttach Retreat in Atlanta, GA
December 9-11, 2022

Open to 25 Women




Welcome Night

Group exercises to target problems and clarify solutions
Dinner In Provided
Late-Night Talking... just about whatever! (optional)




Workshops & Small Groups

Breakfast on Your Own
Lunch In Provided
Dinner Out Together
Late-Night Debriefing (optional)




Goodbye Breakfast

Breakfast In Provided

Questions You Probably Have

How much is it?


What does my $230 ticket include?

All of the Workshops and Groups we will do together, led by me. Dinner Friday night. Lunch Saturday afternoon. The travel to dinner on Saturday night. Breakfast Sunday morning.

What does my ticket NOT include?

Your travel to and from the Event House. Your hotel/lodging. Breakfast Saturday morning. Dinner Saturday night.

Where is it exactly?

Close to Midtown Atlanta, about airport 15-20 minutes from the ATL Airport. I won't put the exact location online, but when you secure your spot I am going to send you the map and close-by hotels. Of course you are also welcome to reserve your own Air BNB. The event is at a large home, but no one will be staying overnight at the property. 

What is the Retreat Home like?

It's a large home with plenty of comfortable seating and sofas. There is space for us to sit all together and smaller rooms for us to break off, as well as to have your own personal time on breaks. No one is staying overnight at the Event House.

How many people will be there?

No more than 25 women.

If I pay, can I change my mind and get a refund?

No, the ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person or service. It is non-refundable even if you catch COVID, even if your dog is at the vet, even if your tire pops. Your ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Will there be wine?

Well, yes! But not until done with all structured Groups and you can't drive if you drink ANYTHING (not even a glass), so if you choose to Wine Down, you will also plan to Uber back to your hotel.

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